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Our company has backed its recruitment, situation reporting and career consulting suggestions with graphology analysis since its establishment. Our graphologist, Éva V. Kerecsényi has from the very beginnings contributed to our team with her professionalism and excellent knowledge of mankind, and we hope to learn much more from her. More...

On the basis of our experience in recruitment of professionals, we see the advantages of graphology in the following:

1. Reliable and time saving

A special procedure.
The applicant cannot trick, manipulate the results.
The graphologist can easily recognise and distinguish a manipulative intention.
It lessens the insecurity, the candidate’s skills and competencies become more visible.
The candidate need not be present, as opposed to interviews and personality tests with questionnaires.

2. Cost-efficient

It costs significantly less than other psychological tests.
It is a method equally suitable for measuring workplace assimilation and motivation.
Labour fluctuation significantly decreases.
Successful workplace assimiliation decreases the horrible expenses of labour fluctuation (fall outs, interviews, head-hunting, personality tests, costs of training)

3. Versatile

The analysis contains the survey of personality features important for the employer. On demand, the focus may be broadened or narrowed to only a few significant characteristics.
The form and content can be changed to suit the requirements of the company.
It is suitable for the recruitment of executives, for teambuilding, and for finding the employee with the appropriate competence.
Beyond skills, it can shed light on a given person’s ability to be motivated.

4. Efficient

In case of large number of applicants, the most suitable can be chosen in a short period of time.
Graphology reflects personal features, constant spiritual characteristics, and behaviour in a unique way.
On the basis of a questionnaire compiled by our company, the result of the graphology analysis comprehensively reflects the degree of assimilation.

Furthermore, employee skills analysed by graphology is also of great help during our consulting activities.

It is often difficult for the candidates to find their way among opportunities due to lack of self-knowledge. The condition of leading a successful life is choosing an area which suits the candidate’s interests, motivation and skills best. Graphology is a key to a person’s self-knowledge and a compass to his/her profession-suitability. It brings to the surface existing but yet unknown competences, characteristics, it shows the possible obstacles to personal development; self-knowledge, communication skills, management skills, organisational skills, creativity, endurance, a possible direction of personal development, energy supplies, monotony tolerance, etc. An appropriate analysis, self-knowledge and the mapping of motivation helps self-realisation and making the right choices.

With the help of graphology, as a reliable, quick and objective personality discovery method, one can avoid lengthy, tiresome and insecure searches in the labour market.

We, however, in the light of the analysis, can provide you with an area, i.e. a place in the labour market which suits your skills, personality and desires. You receive a solution which can spare you the long, tiresome period of search and trial.

On demand, we conduct graphology analyses in the following areas as well:

Our personality in the light of our handwriting
My life path, what should I do in the interest of my future
Relationships - relations in our private life

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